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Humanity’s Addiction to Money – a talk by Jason Liosatos
A talk about how we have been programmed about money, value, wealth and possessions, and the consequences to us as a species. How money is destroying us psychologically, spiritually and physically, and how we have become used to a virtual casino system of slavery, fear and debt.
We are at a critical fork in the road, yet Jason maintains that we each have an incredible magician inside of us which merely slumbers. If we can awaken and remember this power and use it wisely we can be creators of a new form of being and create a new form of society for the future, and become responsible midwives for the future of humanity.
Jason will offer some practical examples from his own experiences, and his work as an artist.

Thursday, November 20 at 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Jellyfish Studio next to Buckfastleigh Town Hall, 34, Bossell Road, Buckfastleigh, Devon. TQ11 ODE


At this venue in Totnes I will be talking about ‘The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings’…As The Solution to the Worlds Problems (The Title of my book), and the new epoch and apocalypse that we are now experiencing, as we are forced, by our global and personal challenges, to remember that we are great magicians, creators, manifestors, artists, and midwives of our own future, and the future of those people not yet born, and the great responsibility that rests upon our shoulders, to direct our miraculous power wisely to create a future of balance and sanity.
I will also talk about the necessity that we re establish our ethics, morals, empathy, love, and the possibility of humanity living in beautiful harmony with each other if we can live in harmony and balance ourselves, and be able to see past our conditioning’s, labels and religions.
My partner H.Louise Ashley, Poet and Author of her book ‘Finding Our Way’ and ‘Survival in a Wounded World’, will also be speaking with us via a pre recorded video.
Venue: Methodist Church, Fore Street, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5RP (free entry) Thursday 6th November 6.45 pm.

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I am hosting this conference about GMO crops and food being one of the greatest threats to humanity and nature. Dr Vandana Shiva will be speaking, Deepak Chopra via video, with other guests and organic farmers including Phil Chandler (Director at Friends of The Bees), Hector Christie (Tapeley Manor permaculture), Jim McNulty & Bill Smith (Co-founders of the Genetic Engineering Network), Belinda from Natures Round Organic Veg Boxes with Greg Meanwell from Leaf Currency. We also have an important message about GMO’s via video Skype from Dr Deepak Chopra, Jeffrey M Smith (Institute For Responsible Technology) and Juliet Gellatley (Founder Viva magazine), and we have a questions and answers session with our guests.
Venue: Dartington Great Hall, Dartington, Totnes, Devon. TQ9 6EL
Tuesday Evening 7th October 6.45 Till Late
£5 on the door. No tickets.Vandana Shiva at Fronterias do Pensamento


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