Hi, I am Jason Liosatos I was born in Barry, South Wales UK, on September 22nd 1961 and my name Liosatos arrived into Barry Docks on a ship via my grandfather Spyros Liosatos, a seaman from Kefalonia Island Greece who met my grandmother in Barry. As a young boy I deeply felt, and rebelled against, the control, conditioning and confinement of school from my first day, and left as soon as I could, I felt it choking not nourishing my freedoms, my spirit, my will and expression. My teenage years were spent drinking booze and taking drugs like so many young unhappy, frustrated kids, and so many adults.

I always felt a deep concern for humanity’s compromised happiness and lack of freedom and fairness in general, and for me it seemed glaringly obvious that we were living in a system of debt and struggle and slavery based on fear, not one of freedom and democracy as we were led to believe, and this dissatisfaction and deep concern about our system set me on a more spiritual quest to try to understand myself and our ridiculous system which seemed to debilitate, dislocate and dismember peoples innate power and magnificence rather than strengthen, relocate, re establish and remember it.

Whatever I did, wherever I went, I could never shake off an overwhelming, all consuming feeling that I was here on the planet to be one of the people working to help bring about a transformation of our society into something magnificent and beautiful for humans, and I knew that life on Earth could be a literal paradise of happiness and freedom without suffering and struggle and debt.

In early 1990’s after much reading, inner work, and yearning for a greater understanding I left UK on a Honda moped with a rucksack, on my pilgrimage to Kefalonia to meet my relatives, and whilst there on the stillness of the beautiful Island I had my first very intense spiritual and physical experience convincing me without a doubt that I had been touched and deeply moved by an intelligence and force too huge for clumsy words to explain, which changed me forever, leading me to many other miraculous meetings and experiences.

I became fascinated by our tremendous abilities of mind and spirit, and after meeting with many gifted people and working with shamans who helped me re member myself, I decided to study shamanism, Reiki and healing, and did some training with a very genuine and gifted shamanic practitioner and went on to offer healing and transformational sessions myself one to one and from a distance, which I enjoy doing and find fascinating. Many of our miraculous powers, gifts, and abilities to change things inwardly and outwardly have been forgotten and dis located in most people born into our world of rush, anxiety, struggle and fear which has a tendency to automatically choke off our innate powers and gifts, primarily because fear, anxiety and debt are paralytic to consciousness, development and true blossoming in a human being.

In 1994 while I was homeless living in an old car under the Sports Centre car park in Bath UK I miraculously met Louise, a literal angel incarnate in Waterstones bookshop in the spiritual book section, and we have been together to this day. We bought an old Bedford Motorhome and drove to Kefalonia and stayed there in the van for a year. My passion for painting and drawing had returned, painting pictures and being free, until returning to UK to live on a 55 foot Narrowboat in Bath called ‘Artists Afloat’. I then taught art to the elderly in Mansfield, and art as therapy to young men struggling with depression, low self esteem, and drug and alcohol issues.

I opened my first art gallery selling my own paintings in Moray Firth, near Findhorn, Scotland, then a gallery in Mevagissey, Cornwall, and I now have a gallery selling my own paintings in Totnes Devon, where I also live. I also offer my art courses and tuition at my website.

My passion and commitment for helping others continued and I wrote my book ‘The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings’ in 2012, and I started hosting large conferences with guest speakers, discussing freedom, the remembering and re establishing of our power, and understanding the global government Matrix that so often strangles our blossoming and spiritual metamorphosis. I also gave talks myself in person and on radio shows about the urgency that we return to balance and sanity personally and globally.

I then started my own radio show Global Peace Radio, and then Outside The Box my current video talk show where I speak with great guests and speak myself about us creating systems and societies independent from government manipulation and control with our own source of food, electricity, water and housing, systems which are now a necessity not a luxury if we are to avoid the reckless government trajectory which can only drag people further into digital slavery, debt, control and suppression. These new ways of living and being are not selfishly for us and our children, but also for those not yet born who are screaming at us from the future, relying on you and me because what we do and don’t do here now manifests what will be their reality, good or bad, when they arrive here on the planet…

If there was ever a battle between good and evil on the planet it is now, and let us not doubt the miraculous, power of good in us all, which by far outweighs the power of evil.

Let us all now put our shoulders to the wheel…

Let us not wonder how to do it, but do it then wonder how we did it!..

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