We are all Artists of the Future

‘We paint this world into being with our minds’.

We are indeed standing at an evolutionary crossroads as humanity, and the choice as to which direction we must take is clear. It seems obvious that until we release ourselves from the grip of this system and its oligarchs we will never be truly free. Let us step forward then in hope and remember that we are magnificent artists of great ability.

As an artist myself I know we are all artists and great creators of the future, and we can paint the greatest masterpiece of all time. I also know the truth that whatever mess has currently been made on the world’s canvas, however terrible it seems, it can be repainted over, reshaped and manipulated into something wonderful. As artists we now need to think big and put down our small brushes and use the largest brushes possible to be able to paint a new world and society into being, on a really grand scale.

We have not got the luxury of plenty of time to fiddle with little brushstrokes that change the picture slowly, only a little here and a little there, our vision must be bigger and we must boldly paint this picture and demand of ourselves that we transform this canvas quickly.

This canvas of transformation is huge and we cannot be frightened. I have stood in front of many hundreds of canvasses and the best creations I have ever painted and manifested have come when I ‘truly believed’ that I could achieve the end result and just began it. We cannot get trapped in doubt, uncertainty and fear; because fear is paralytic and if we are not careful we won’t even pick up our brushes of creation and change. Sometimes a challenge can consume us, and perfectionism equals paralysis. We don’t have to get it perfect, just better and better will do, it will never be perfect we must believe that we can change this failing society into something amazing, and we can with big bold brushstrokes and action. My own mantra has always been ‘don’t wonder how to do it, do it then wonder how you did it’. It is time to act and we will never look back.

The transformation on this planet is one of consciousness which must come from inside out, from within each one of us. We are all vital members of humanities orchestra which is way out of tune. When each individual member of the orchestra changes, then the whole orchestra changes and we will play again in concert pitch.

This is not something that’s going to take place it is taking place and happening now. There is a great revolution of consciousness and transformation across the planet. A beautiful harmony of truth is sweeping across the earth and through every courageous human heart, who can no longer bare to live as slaves and stand and watch the destruction of our beautiful planet and humanity.

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