US and Western Governments are Our Greatest Terror Threat

‘Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it’.- Adolph Hitler.

Those in the higher echelons of Western governments waging the so called ‘war on terror’ are ironically the biggest terrorists of all, and the biggest threat to peace and stability on our planet. We only need to look what they have done in the last thirty years to see what killing and misery they have caused. They are indeed the greatest warmongers and creators of terror in recorded history.

Barack Obama had the audacity to say “the future of Syria must be determined by its people”, but it is/was – up until Russia intervened – being determined by the US military might and NATO ‘peacekeepers’, with the usual promise of freedom and democracy, brought about by bloodshed and destruction in the usual hugely profitably way they always do it, by destruct and rebuild, like Libya, Iraq and elsewhere.

I remember the nauseating sight of the smiling faces of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, William Hague and Mahmoud Jibril holding hands aloft triumphantly in Libya gloating at the destruction they had caused,  after orchestrating the beginning of a genocide, chaos and refugee crisis too dreadful for words, now affecting the whole of Europe. Washington and Western hegemony is spreading like a rampant cancer through the Middle East and Africa, resembling a modern day version of Adolf Hitler’s hegemonic quest for supremacy.

Julian Assange in his latest video interview by Afshin Rattansi talks of an ‘unconventional warfare manual’ used by US and Western Governments, by the use of surrogate forces to overthrow a Government, infiltrating and training to overthrow. I also discussed this myself at the start of the Syrian debacle when I was a guest on RT Russia News, saying that the Syrian rebels were murder tools for the US and the West, and that is was a new way of waging war, being cheaper, cleaner, with no US soldiers coming home in coffins.

Washington and some Western governments are directly responsible for mass murder, by aiding and abetting, by continuing to arm and fund these Syrian rebels, armed assassins who kill for them on a wholesale basis. The rebels were like wild killing machines, like young boys given guns and bullets who are having a wonderful time playing out their war games for real, seemingly using anyone as target practice, reveling in the power bestowed on them, but not realizing they were building their own prison, with the white man from the west the jail keeper as usual. The Western backed rebels are pawns, canon fodder for the West, and the inevitable bloodbath has ensued, with not a splash of blood on the crisp dark suits of the comptrollers of the massacre.

It is very easy to murder mass amounts of people by hiring others to do it, they did it in Libya. David Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Bush, Obama and the rest of the gangsters are directly accountable for those murdered in Libya, the death of Gadaffi, and the aftermath of chaos sweeping the planet. These men must be tried for crimes against humanity as was Ratklo Mladic.

I remember watching Gadaffi adressing the Arab League, warning them saying “They hung Saddam, any of you may be next”, and ironically President Assad of Syria was there and the camera showed him laughing at Gadaffi’s warnings.. Watch video here

Israel’s PM Netanyahu is also resembling Hitler’s behavior, with Washington gifting him $3 billion dollars of aid a year for weapons, which is a staggering $6 million a day, partially in the form of vouchers, so they can only buy the weapons from the US arms industry. None of the donated money goes to Israeli society. The chaos in the region is ideal for US arms sales. The Germans have sold submarines to Israel with capabilities of destroying Iran with a nuclear weapon, at the bargain price of $500 million dollars for two, and those same submarines now lurk under the water just off Iran. I wonder if Israel may be used to destroy Iran for the western government gangsters? And of course Iran wants nuclear weapons, and should have them, Iran is angelic in comparison to the Wests chilling record of murder. Any of us, like Iran, would want nuclear weapons to protect ourselves after witnessing the US military with its NATO mask taking over most of the Middle East so brutally.

And why do they seem to side with Israel and veto the Palestinians, is it just a coincidence that there are a lot of Jews in the US Government and the US is so vehemently against Palestinian freedom?

President Putin’s intervention has come at a critical time usurping Washington’s plans, and laying bare their lies and corruption, exposing their talk of creating peace and stability as the complete opposite. Washington uses any opportunity to come as people’s saviors, with each intervention furthering their own interests, masked in the form of moral, ethical standards and protection for the people they are supposedly liberating, to achieve freedom and democracy. Understandably the majority of the people with often very little to lose, who have been suppressed for many years are delighted at being saved from their ruling oppressors, with the hope of something better, not realizing that they are simply being taken over by new oppressors with new promises.

Their discontent and anger is cunningly used by the western governments as an excuse to jump on board the train to ousting their leaders with the protestor’s help. They also don’t realize that the democracy that their Western saviors are promising is not a democracy at all, it is slavery, by a new gang of unscrupulous oligarchs with different labels, cunningly positioned by the US bringers of democracy, covertly colluding with corrupt gangs and leaders already there. But the Global chess board, with Washington the Grand Master, is all about to be changed by a quiet spoken Judo expert called President Putin- By Jason Liosatos


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