Trump + Wikileaks + Brexit = Awakening

If we were in any doubt that there was a global shift in perception, consciousness, and understanding about Government corruption, fraud, and its horrific ethical compromises, then yesterdays victory for Donald Trump will confirm that the drastically needed smelling salts has at last reached the noses of so many people world wide, who are finally understanding the dreadful truth of how the global mental asylum casino is rigged in the favour of those running it…

Thanks to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and a large dose of Alex Jones Infowars Show, the populace of America was given a huge whiff of smelling salts just weeks and days before the election, which shook enough people from sleepwalking into the clutches of The Clinton Foundation and its money masters, and snatching victory  from under the nose of the truly unscrupulous, and dangerously psychologically imbalanced warmonger Hilary Clinton, who would have almost certainly pushed humanity towards Armageddon, and further enslavement and suffering.

Donald Trump is no angel of course, and most people did choose the lesser of two evils, but the point is that people have clearly demonstrated with their votes that they have had enough of the existing cabal, the likes of the Bush and Clinton cartel and their minions and money masters who have held humanity ransom for millenia, and as we are witnessing globally people are coming around from the anesthetizing effects of such brutal regimes, and awakening from the chloroform and amnesia and realizing that they had been tricked and used for so long, by the most unscrupulous gangs of criminals on the planet for far too long, and the people are angry and have had enough…at last…

People are finally realizing that it is they who hold the power not the governments, and it is they the people who have ultimate control of their future, if they remember that they are indeed great magicians with amnesia who had forgotten their power, a great power they had previously handed willingly over to Presidents, Politicians, Popes and Priests who did not have the peoples best interests at heart as previously thought, but their own greedy power interests. People are finally pushing themselves away from the Governments teat…

At last the tide is turning and we must all step forward now, and celebrate and support those like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and a plethora of other hero’s who are willing to put their life and liberty on the line for us, our future, for truth and justice, and for the future of those not yet even born… Let us all finally lock hands and resist holding onto our different names, religions, races and creeds and realize we are all very much the same brothers and sisters – though also each unique – who are all equally desperate for freedom, and a release from the bondage of crooked, corrupted, hegemonic regimes hell bent on controlling and enslaving us.

Humanity is now like a beautiful rose that must blossom to its full potential, like a caterpillar that must break out of its limited cocoon to be a butterfly…Humanity could and should be living in harmony like a beautiful orchestra playing together in concert pitch, helping and loving each other, not killing and enslaving one another. It is truly time for change, but that change must be built on sanity and balance, without the suppression of psychologically disturbed governments…Let us begin!


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