Tony Blair and George Bush Genocidal use of Depleted Uranium Nuclear Weapons in Iraq

‘The Western government warmongers talk of the nuclear threats from other countries while they have used nuclear weapons with devastation themselves’.

Nuclear weapons have been used in Libya as they were in Iraq, Serbia and other conflicts. This subject must be covered here because it is a terrible and real threat to humanities health and future. It is something many people don’t know about and may find shocking.

Depleted uranium is not depleted really. Uranium 238 ore holds an isotope of U 235 used to make plutonium, and when all the U 234 it’s called ‘depleted uranium’ but it’s still pure uranium 238 which is highly radioactive. Uranium is a harder and heavier metal than lead, so they use it on to for shells and bullets to do more damage. Lead has 82 protons in its atom Uranium has 92, so it can smash through a tank metal. But when it explodes into flames it turns into uranium oxide which is a powder, which is highly radioactive, never goes away as its half-life is 4 and a half billion years.

The UN ‘peacekeeping force’ in Libya is using nuclear weapons. In one Tomahawk missile there is 360 kilos of uranium. Over 100 were launched early in the massacre, and many more from A10 and AC130 attack planes.

These conflicts aren’t even wars, they are one sided massacres, there is no need to use these weapons of mass destruction in order to win, and it is absolute insanity. The US dropped thousands of depleted uranium bombs on the Iraq city of Fallujah in 2003, which killed estimates of hundreds of thousands of people.

A great proportion of all births in Fallujah since the strike have suffered from abnormalities and the rate of mutation among new born children is higher than what was found in Japan after America attacked the Asian country during the Second World War. Doctors in Iraq are struggling to cope with the horrific rise in cancer and birth defects especially in the cities which were most heavily bombed by the British and Americans.

I have studied figures of 140,000 cases of cancer, almost 1 million people killed and 4 million displaced. And the poor gulf veterans who are thoroughly poisoned by depleted uranium is a subject too huge to cover here.

The US still refuses to sign a ban on this weapon, but we must remember that weapons and war is the most highly lucrative business on the planet. There is a horrible similar scenario developing in Libya.

The U.S. department of defense sold a bill of goods to NATO in order to use a lot of the depleted uranium, so it seems it’s about money yet again. Dr. Doug Rokke, the ex-director of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Project, says that there is no way to totally decontaminate an area hit with uranium, an element that has a half-life of 4.5 billion years and has thus earned the title “the silent killer that will never stop killing.” Rokke today says he was told by the government to lie about the effects of uranium and that most of the crew he worked with is now dead because of contamination. Doug has plenty of information on his site, just Google The Dr. Douglas Rokke Foundation. This man has never given up his fight for the truth and I honor him as a special human being.

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