The Future is in Our Hands

‘We are the Future good or bad it’s up to us’.

We create and manifest the future into being with mind and thought, but we have forgotten the enormous implications of this fact. It means we are literally the midwives of our own future, and our thoughts, feelings, hopes, plans and visions for the future are living seeds that manifest in the womb of possibility.

The reason we may feel the future is uncertain is because it is being steered by people who don’t care about the implications of future consequences created from today’s manifestations, because they have been consumed by short term greed, gain and control, and are immersed in the great business of continual wars for profit and gain. These actions are a trajectory which is creating the future. We are becoming used to things being as they are and that is a dangerous place to be.

We can no longer wait and hope that these madmen will somehow change and lay down their weapons of greed, mass ecological misconduct and destruction. Knowing that we create and manifest we must now start really using that gift to change the future.

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