The Birth of a New Epoch of Consciousness

‘The true transformation which will change our whole existence is waiting within the womb of each person’s consciousness to be born.’- Charles Muses.

Humanity is undergoing a sacred pregnancy which nothing will stop, though we may have to push a little.

The word epoch comes from the Greek word epokhe, which means stoppage. In all pregnancies there comes a point where the pregnancy stops and the birth begins. We as humans are now at that critical point in our evolution and consciousness, and we are being forced to prepare ourselves now as quickly as possible to let go of what we have been, and embrace what we are becoming. The emergence and resurgence of what we once were, which has become dangerously overdue. It can be likened to an umbilical cord to ourselves which has got to the point where it is now almost snapping completely, exacerbated by our system which automatically disconnects us from our vibrant selves.

Humanity is heavily pregnant with itself, and we as individuals are now being prompted to become the midwives for the birth of ourselves, and the birth and beginning of a whole new way of living and being on this planet, based on a more symbiotic relationship with ourselves and everything else.

We no longer have the luxury to put our transformation off until tomorrow. We are ripe and so is the time, and that time is right now.

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