London Murder of Soldier is a Consequence and Feedback Loop of Middle East Mass Murders by UK & US Governments

The London Woolwich murder was a direct consequence and feedback loop resulting from continual murder and abuse of people in the Middle East by Western governments. This was confirmed by the announcement of the attacker on a video just after he had killed the young soldier.

These consequences and feedback loops from government actions without vision and wisdom, fueled by an insatiable lust for power and control regardless of cost, suffering and loss of life, are beginning to feed back like an accelerated tsunami at the Western government perpetrators and their populations, with hatred and resentment naturally gathering momentum in response to the crimes against humanity by the West in their continual destruction, warmongering and virtual genocide across the Middle East, and a continuance now moving further into Africa, like an aggressive cancer, in the form of Africom (another word for NATO) creating further hatred, suicide bombings and retaliations, as the US and Western war machine rampages its way wherever it can, fueled by an urgency to usurp China in the region, and greed, money, land grabs, gold, uranium, minerals and strategic positioning.

Imagine a scenario whereby Middle Eastern countries were taking over and bombing the United States and UK, killing up to 1 million innocent women, ‘suspects’ and children, and  almost daily terrorizing people with Drones and soldiers on the ground. Imagine an occupation of the USA and UK,  causing chaos and bloodshed on a daily basis. Imagine how US and UK citizens would feel if Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan soldiers were kicking their doors down on a daily basis and destroying their culture, heritage, peace, family life and stealing their land and oil, with Predator Drones overhead watching them daily, dropping bombs on their families and friends who were simply suspects. How would we feel our innocent family, brothers, fathers and friends in Guantanamo, were being tortured and abused daily, how would we feel?

Imagine US and UK citizens having birth defects from hundreds of tons of depleted uranium nuclear weapons used on them causing cancers and birth defects for generations, and contamination from the uranium nuclear dust in the country for 4.5 billion years. Imagine how angry US citizens would be if these other countries were murdering and hanging our elected governments, and do we think that there would be retaliation by US citizens towards the Muslim world? And towards people of the Middle East? Like they are to us?

So let us not be surprised that people are attacking British soldiers in revenge (horrific though it is) because it is very likely that US or UK citizens would do the same or even much worse to Muslim soldiers if they were killing US and UK citizens, our families, our children, our history, happiness, our infrastructure, and our very future. Let us put our arrogant, superior, Western selves in someone else’s shoes and ponder these things before we wave our flags and vote for our governments who are murdering and torturing innocent people. – Jason Liosatos.


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