Is Greece the Beginning of the Abolishion of Financial Slavery?

‘I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the abolishion of humanity’s financial slavery’ – Jason Liosatos

As the Sword of Damocles still swings above Greek heads, I still believe the only way for Greece is out, to once and for all escape the clutches of its en slavers. Greece seems damned if it stays in prison and damned if it decides to escape, and many fearful Greeks still believe it is better a bowl of porridge a day from prison wardens than going it alone with nothing, and of course this is the stuff of history, to enslave individuals and populations with debt and make them dependent on you for food, warmth and clothing, creating  a submissive, frightened society of willing, working prisoner for life.

The frightened Greeks have a new God, the EU, a brutal, punishing God, who will tighten the noose and shackles if one misbehaves or tries to struggle free, but I hope Greeks can be courageous enough to make a prison break from the choking hands of the EU myopic, unscrupulous, mafia madmen? I believe they can, and that we should not underestimate the Greeks, who I believe have the ability to cut themselves adrift from their slave masters EU prison ship, and go it alone, charting a new course, which could well trigger a global collapse, as others prisoners find the courage to jump off the prison ship, which is destined to sink eventually, being built on an unsustainable sea of fear and short term greed. I am convinced Greeks must escape to the uncertainty of uncharted waters, where it is better to drown free at sea than drown in a Euro prison.

The Greeks at some point will have to take up their swords and shields again and become great warriors like Jason and the Argonauts, in the fight to re claim the Golden Fleece, their freedom and independence, and slay the monsters (this time the EU) which stands in their path blocking them from reclaiming their rightful throne of freedom. But I believe that they will have to create their own systems independent of not only the EU but of Greek governments, and begin at once to form their own alliances as the people, brothers and sisters together, to plant food on every hill and sidewalk, build their own solar systems, drill their own water, rear their own animals for food, and escape the prison for good.

The EU spider trap is a sticky one to escape, because it en swathes whole populations in its web and cocoons them, and is more cruel than a spider who at least cocoons its victim and eats them in a few weeks, whereas the ruthless, psychopaths of the IMF and EU cocoon their victims and feed off their energy for generations. Perhaps Greece, Italy and Spain can join hands to gain strength against their captors, and all break free together and create a BRICKS type alliance, helping each other with the basics of food, warmth and shelter, and ironically in them seemingly going backwards they may in fact be going forwards, and may they taste again the sweet nectar of freedom that is granted by escaping from the continual agitation of work, fear and bills, and the threat of punishment via more austerity..

It indeed may be better to be personally empowered and colder, less comfortable and slightly hungry, than endure and accept a lifetime of slavery, being daily demeaned, in a cycle of worry and fear inside the EU concentration camp, with the sickening prospect of your children also inheriting the same fate…

As more and more Greeks and Italians commit suicide, and there is less and less wages, and food to eat, I fear we are witnessing another German concentration camp, less obvious, and more subtle than Auschwitz, but still a purposely built camp by the EU Hyenas and Vultures who encircle any struggling beast and have no ethical or moral barometer when it comes down to power, profit and short term gain, regardless of the damage it does both psychologically and physically, to individuals or populations.

But there is good news…I truly believe we are witnessing the inception of manual override, where the enslaved human species is grappling back the controls from the psychotic captains who have for way too long enjoyed automatic pilot, in their control of  humanity. People want to be free, and want the truth, and are now recognizing, remembering that truth that they had been purposely enslaved. Ironically it is the choking hands of the EU, IMF, austerity and slavery, which is the smelling salts, the alarm bell, alerting Greece, and the rest of our struggling humanity, that it is up to us all, as the midwives of the future, to now build new communities and systems, independent of government control, before the noose is tightened any further… &


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