France Attacks Are a Taste of its Own Medicine

French Prime Minister Hollande has been barbarically murdering and bombing innocent people in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Africa with reckless impunity for years, and now in his video speech, announcing the state of emergency, he has the audacity and arrogance to call the Paris shootings and bombings “unprecedented terrorist attacks” and “an act of war”, which in truth are simply consequences, blow back, and feed back loops from his own actions, his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy’s, and his US, UK henchmen in their wanton destruction of The Middle East, so it should be no surprise that there would be revenge attacks against these Western terrorist, government gangs who have killed many hundreds of thousands, nay millions, of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunt’s and uncles in their pre planned, rapacious destruction.

It is unbelievable to me that there is any surprise at these “unprecedented terrorist attacks” or any surprise that ISIS or some other organization could dare have the temerity to take revenge, or have the audacity to challenge those Western governments who destroy their families, culture, religions and countries. I am also amazed that most people cannot have the courage to compare the less than 150 people killed in Paris – by gunmen and suicide bombers – to the continual mass murders from a cowardly 10,000 feet by France’s fighter jets in The Middle East, and I ask the question which is worse, a suicide bomber in a cinema or a clinical attack from the sky in a jet? These are some of the questions we must face, and ask ourselves, as we sing our national anthems and wave our flags which we pledge allegiance to.

Unfortunately the inevitable attacks on Paris will be fully taken advantage of, as we already see the Western governments readying themselves and NATO to accelerate their plans to dislodge Assad and create further lucrative chaos and war across the region, with the French bombs already raining down on Syria just hours after the attack, with fake passports lying intact next to the suicide bombers incinerated bodies, and with security drills scheduled that morning before the attacks in Paris, and many more dubious ‘synchronicities’ abound. We will no doubt see the event used to accelerate plans to control their own already enslaved populations with more sophisticated ID checks, surveillance and tighter restrictions on freedom to travel, free speech, and I would guarantee that we will see passport checks on London Bridges into the City and endemic around UK, US and Europe within weeks.

I truly believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here, and that we will soon see endemic attacks against the Western world for their barbaric terror campaigns in The Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, with their brutal  ‘kill them just in case’ policy, without any trial for suspects and victims which are usually killed via Drone strikes from a safe and cowardly distance, thousands of miles away on a screen.

Fear is often a worse weapon than a bomb, and I am convinced we are about to witness madness and mayhem on an unprecedented scale, never before experienced on the planet, as the inevitable feed back loops, and consequences of years of decisions – made without wisdom and vision by greedy, psychologically imbalanced world leaders – finally manifest, reach fruition and come back to haunt us. In my book The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings I talk at great length about the past, present and future time line, and how the present is a result of past decisions good and bad, and that we must begin at once to take responsibility as creators and sculptors of that future before it kills us.

It may sound shocking, but it is the truth, and a truth we must face, that most of the French people shocked, frightened and grieving are actually complicit, and very much responsible for the attacks on their own citizens by ISIS, because by their votes for Sarkozy and Hollande their Prime Ministers, they actually endorse the massacres across the Middle East and Africa which have spawned and given rise and birth to ISIS, and even more shockingly, the French governments actually funded them, in essence creating them in their own petri dish….This is a bitter pill to swallow but it is a fact, though obviously most people do know realize what and who they are really voting for, or its shocking agenda.

Let us then face the truth, that it is the public who wave their flags at their Prime Ministers, Popes, Queen, Presidents and Politicians who are responsible not on for the chaos and mass murder in the Middle East, but also for the repercussions we now see resulting from it. Let us also have the courage to demand that those Presidents, Prime Ministers and Politicians criminal acts are not forgiven and forgotten at each election, which I recently wrote about.

It is truly time that we all stop voting for mass murderers and dangerously psychologically imbalanced governments, and stop singing worn out anthems, waving ridiculous flags, and realize that it is ultimately the people not the Presidents, that steer humanities ship, and that we are presently great and powerful magicians with amnesia. Let us begin at once…





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