Darwin Was Wrong

‘We don’t even know why day turns to night, or what energy is, but we know the secrets of how we came into to being, it is hilarious and comical’.

Darwin was a brilliant thinker with a brilliant mind, but he was wrong about his theory of evolution. We must remember it was and still is only a theory not a provable fact.

We can hardly tie our shoe laces, or send a rocket past Mars, never mind know how life began and where it came from. Apparently Darwin said just before he died that he was wrong, but that’s not widely publicized of course.

The truth is we have no idea, isn’t it wonderful to admit it, sure let’s try to find out, but people, particularly in the sciences don’t like to face that. Of course it’s great to want to know and discover things, and theorize, and strive to learn and progress, but let’s just admit it, we don’t know. I just love its mystery. Scientists and ‘highly intelligent humans’ have a tendency to feel chagrined if they feel they don’t know something, in which case they will accept any reasonable guess.

When Darwin presented his theory it was grabbed with eager hands, and everyone could finally say ‘Now we know where we came from, now we know how it all works’. What a relief it was for everyone to know the truth of the universe at last.

I hope you can see where I am coming from, we will believe almost anything we are told. It was so clever it had to be true!

All schools started teaching it as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and who would dare question its authenticity.

Even in the 90’s there were computer scientists showing that to get even a minor change in species would take longer than geological time. And apparently you just can’t get something out of nothing, which debunks Darwin’s ‘Life from no life’. Apparently it’s highly unlikely that there’s nothing in what we perceive to be nothing, because apparently there is ‘something even in a vacuum.’ Quite a lot of something too.

If you ask someone ‘clever’ why day turns into night, they would probably say because the earth rotates, and if you ask them why, they would probably say because there was a collision. Well there would have had to be millions of collisions all arranged exactly right, because even electrons rotate, so sure all these collisions, it’s ridiculous and inconceivable. They don’t know, I invite them to admit it, and feel the wonderful relief and release in accepting that you just don’t know, it’s great.

There are amazing plants, which baffle all theories, one is an orchid that makes itself look like a female butterfly, and the male butterfly flies over to it and tries to mate with it which pollinates it. How did the orchid know what a female butterfly looks like to mimic it in the first place, it has no eyes.

Another one makes itself smell like a piece of rotten meat and the flies come over to it. How do we explain that one with randomism and evolution?

I don’t mind being evolved from an ape, if I am, it doesn’t make me feel bad, they are better behaved and show more compassion and intelligence than we humans generally do. But it seems to me that we have to keep putting ourselves on the top of the pile, as the most highly intelligent, evolved species, when the truth is that in our current psychological condition we are proving to be the dunces of the universe. Like camels that just can’t seem to see our own humps of ignorance. So we evolved from the apes and became really intelligent and smart, and the dumb apes stayed the same right? Just like that! Yes it’s comical isn’t it?

Every time I see that chart of the hunched ape slowly materializing into a stood up straight man, in stages as pictures, I laugh at how gullible we are, its comical, choose the species most like us and that’ll do, now we know where we came from, amazing how clever we are to work all that out, I think I could draw a much different chart of our ‘evolution’ or rather ‘dissolution’ after a quick look at the news, and perhaps we could have made a better job of it if we had stayed as apes! Our current system is quite an ‘aping’ of a so called civilised evolved species.

I put this to you, flowers are flowers in their myriad splendour, just like apes are apes, humans are humans, planets are planets, bees are bees, flies are flies, elephants are elephants, crocodiles are crocodiles, Rhinos are rhinos, and all the other intricately amazing species of flora and fauna on this amazing mysterious planet are just what they are supposed to be.

Down to the tiniest living protozoa, and tinier things still, all with their incredible intelligence, in every cell of every living creature, and every lump of rock that is also vibrantly alive, which is mind bogglingly miraculous and indefinable to our minds. How about considering putting our highly intelligent smugness to one side for a moment and accepting that we don’t really know. Maybe we should just let them be the amazing miracles they are, and stop cutting them up, prodding them, electrocuting them, and fiddling with them, and just lean back and enjoy the splendour of it all.

It’s always described as ‘all other species up to man’, who considers himself the ultimate creation, how comical.

Species and plants, rocks and minerals don’t need Darwin or anyone else to cram them into a theory. To even think that we are smart enough to work it all out is beyond belief and absolute madness.

Sure things change but not by evolution as Darwin said it.

Darwin in his own words said;

“To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.”

Voilà ! At last the voice of reason, well done Darwin.

So there we have it, in the man’s own words. There is an intelligence in everything and every cell that will continue to keep its secrets hidden and baffle us no matter how many times we dissect it, until we prove that we are responsible enough to know to discover them, and until we become responsible enough to not destroy ourselves, other people, countries, and the planet with them.



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