Creating Miracles

‘In every moment we manifest a miracle’.

Everything we do is a manifestation and creation of a miracle. Our bodies are creating miracle after miracle of manifestation every nanosecond. Every time we turn our heads our eyes are adjusting focus and creating a vision into being. Every time we go anywhere we are creating a vision into being. Every time we move we are manifesting with thought. If we put our hand on the table and lift a finger we are creating with mind, manifesting something into action, that finger can then be instructed by mind to go bake a cake into being, to create a sensual feeling through touch, or to save a life from drowning, to press a doorbell and summon the inhabitant to come to you.

The same finger can write a note that changes lives, can scratch a message on a wall that directs a million people away from danger, or can scratch a message on a wall that sends millions of people to their grave. The finger can mend a human heart with surgery, surgically give back sight where there was none, take that same sight back to darkness with one poke, and can kill millions of people and destroy the whole world with one push of a nuclear bombs button. All this with one finger directed with one thought.

The power to create with mind is a miracle which can be harnessed and manifested into changing everything on this planet. We can build a new future with a different type of humanity who is tremendously skilled in the art of creation via their great power, which is currently being misused and wrongly directed. That force redirected into a vision of beauty by a multitude of minds and hearts will create a virtual heaven on this planet, a literal Utopia. That vision is possible but only if directed by human beings who have transcended their accumulated madness and keep transcending it in an on-going distillation and refinement process which must never be neglected, or we would free fall again into the pitfalls, miasmas and chaos spearheaded by insanity that we are currently experiencing.

Only once we understand why things are the way they are, and how they are brought into being will we understand how to change them. We must wake up to the fact that things will stay as they are and get worse until we harness and direct our power to manifest miracles again. Miracles are simply directed thought becoming manifest. It is nothing miraculous or esoteric at all. Necessity is the great mother of invention and it is obvious now that we must invent and manifest something vastly different from that which is destroying us both physically and spiritually.

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