Brexit the Beginning of a New Epoch

When you try to escape from any prison there will be uncertainty, possible suffering, and much criticism from frightened people who want stability and certainty, and understandably so. Unfortunately – as my book discusses – we are also leaving one prison but still trapped in another one, and people will often stay in prison if the food is regular and they at least have a roof and bed. The Governments knows this, thus for millennia making it easy to manipulate the masses, and I was pleasantly surprised that enough people voted out, even after George Osbourne had the audacity to threaten to punish them harshly if they dared to undermine his wishes, and vote to leave the EU.

In any big shift, be it a Martin Luther King or Gandi moment in history, there are usually casualties, and there will almost certainly be punishment from the EU mafia style prison wardens against UK in order to make an example of those who dare have the temerity to challenge them, and try to escape their headlock, and concentration camp. A future shaped by EU manipulation, if it were not dismantled, would be grim, including the horrors of TTIP, NATO, and a possible nuclear war with Russia are all terrifying. There may well be suffering resulting from Brexit, but at last people have partially overcome the fear of ‘the fear of something worse happening,’ and partially pushed themselves from the teat of the rule EU’s gangs, of some of the most unscrupulous people on the planet, who care very little about a suffering humanity, and humanity at last recognizes this. There is indeed a massive global awakening as the smelling salts reaches more and more noses….

Of course this is a short, few paragraphs about an enormous situation, and Brexit could well help collapse a UK and even global economy, which is based on short term greed and fear at the expense of peoples well being and sanity, and it is certain that such a system is destined for further massive suffering, collapse and chaos anyway, Brexit or not, if it stays on its current trajectory of decisions made via short term greed and gain, without wisdom and vision. It is still not certain that Washington will allow Britain to leave the EU, and this leave vote will affect everyone and everything differently, but I truly believe it is the beginning of the end of the abolishion of human slavery, a brutal system of global government and corruption, purposely designed to rule by debt and fear, which has created a global mental asylum which has become dangerously normal.

I truly believe that all those brave souls who voted out of the EU, did the right thing to resist a tyranny which could only end in further hardship for an exhausted and wounded humanity, who through fear, debt and exhaustion, are being prevented from truly blossoming both individually and globally, a humanity which at last intrinsically feels and knows the EU to be wrong, and a bad bet, as they feel and know with most global governments.

In these challenging times we must all have the courage and vision to begin at once to imagine and move to create a completely different system and way of living and being, a symbiotic system, able to operate independently of brutal government control, and independently of the insane global casino which is destroying us…. The very fact that this seems impossible proves how conditioned and enslaved we really are.

Let us step out in hope, but there is much work to be done, not just to make our lives better, but for those billions of people who have not yet been born, who are relying on us and our decisions and actions, to create a better system and world for them… It is a huge responsibility….

Jason Liosatos

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