Western Backed Un-elected Puppets in Ukraine Rush to Sign Political Section of Ukraine-EU Agreement – By Jason Liosatos

Turchynov’s instruction issued to Yatseniuk was published on the acting president’s Web site yesterday. According to the document, Yatseniuk, acting on behalf of Ukraine, will have to sign the final act of a special Ukraine-EU summit and the political section of the sides’ Association Agreement accompanied by a statement saying: “The Obligations of Ukraine assumed under Article 8 of the Agreement concerning the ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Code of 1998 will be fulfilled following the introduction of appropriate amendments into the Constitution of Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s acting president Oleksandr Turchynov who issued this statement also issued the arrest warrant directed against President Viktor Yanukovych and stated at that time “We must move towards a national government. That government, were it to be formed, would be integrated by Svoboda.”

Now, the Svoboda party has strong ties with the US administration including McCain, Kerry and other war mongers. Oleh Tyahnybok their elected leader seen in this image:

He was also seen on stage with the U.S John Mccain during the uprising:

and alongside US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland:

and the now official although unelected Ukrainian Prime Minister. In this ‘battle for hearts and minds’ the recent beating of the head of the State run TV channel after he aired Putins recent speech to the Ukranian people only goes to show that the west is losing the battle

Only two days ago he authorized the the acting president also authorized the use of deadly force  and is hastly creating an army of willing victims to fight the new battles which lay ahead, understanding fully well that the Ukrainian army will not want to take part in the murder of innocent people for financial reward.

In another move to try and manipulate the hearts and minds of the people in the west and upstage Russia, the unelected Oleksandr Turchynov has now authorized the unelected Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk to sign the political section of Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the European Union on March 21. This agreement, The Rome Statute, established four core international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. This ‘Crime of agression’ area of the agreement will undoubtably will be used against Russia regarding the recent Crimean vote and will pave the way for a US false flag attack which will allow NATO to walk freely onto Russias doorstep.

Hours ago Obama made a statement to San Diego’s KNSD-TV, which said “We are not going to be getting into military excursion in Ukraine. What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we’ve got a strong international correlation that sends a clear message. The Ukrainians don’t want that, nobody would want that. But what we can do is stand up for principles and stand by the Ukrainian people”.  Is this true and does Obama really care about human life or is he speaking with forked tongue?

Could this escalation in neo nazism in Ukraine indicate that Obama and the US have lost control over the Neo Nazi Svoboda party, or are there two oppossing sides within the US who want different outcomes, Kerry, Mcain and Brezinski in one corner and Obama the ‘lone wolf’ in the other. Or perhaps its a simple case of ‘feeding the corporate TV machine’ and all the time slipping NATO in through the back door?

Be in no doubt however, business is booming in Ukraine with old scores being settled and money being collected. In the past week Svoboda acting under Oleksandr Turchynov have taken by force the state run TV company UT1, tried to steal money from an entire bank  but they were ‘let go’ 24hrs later and 200+ paid thugs smashing up a competitors Vodka spirits factory effectively putting them out of business, in a long running feud between the two companies.

However the real winners, yet again, are the U.S. Treasury and FBI agents who arrived in Kiev to aid Ukraine ‘recover’ some of the billions of dollars it says went missing, who are ‘working’ with their Ukrainian counterparts to support the investigation,  U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt told reporters last Monday. According to Ukrainian officials more than $20 billion of gold reserves may have been lost and $37 billion in loans has disappeared. Without a doubt Ukraine will get all the money back, but it will be in the form of IMF and World Bank loans with the compulsory conditions and interest rates ensuring another country will be forever enslaved.

US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power had the unbelievable audacity to call Putin a thief, by saying a thief can steal but nobody can own, while the US government is the greatest thief, warmonger and serial murderer on the planet. It must also be noted that Washington is using women to spearhead its corruption, to try to make it look more feminine and genuine, and she even turned up in a scruffy leather jacket. It seems every accusation the US makes against Russia is actually what itself does and is doing, which is typical sociopathic behaviour. – By Jason Liosatos.

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