An Ethically and Morally Pristine Society Would Not Need Policemen or Armies or Governments

‘A healthy human beings conscience, ethics and morals are designed to be the law’.

At first glance the above statement could make you burst out laughing, or at least say that I have gone too far in my faith and belief in the miraculous power of the human attributes. When they are working as well as they were designed and meant to, they pull us towards doing the right things and steer us away from doing the wrong things, all by just a simple ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’, its amazing.

Though of course with the proviso that we still have the ears to hear, the feelings to feel and the knowledge to know, which to a degree depends on how frontal lobotomized we have become by the system that’s inclined and designed puts us to sleep. In some cases people have become too fried by the system to recover which is sad.

Believe it or not it is true that if we were living in the optimal, healthy state of mind as human beings that we were meant to be, and designed to be, we would not need any police, laws, army, navy, air force, guns, prisons, padlocks, safes, or locks on ours. Doesn’t it sound almost insane in itself, but it is the truth, it really is.

In an optimal condition, if our conscience, ethics and moral functions were working as they should then nobody would kill, steal, hate, envy, cheat, dislike, or even look at each other in a way which wasn’t the correct way. There would be a harmony, justice, truth, compassion, caring, sharing, love, beauty and satisfaction beyond our present state of comprehension. Obviously I am talking about us being in an absolutely optimal, pristine state as we should be and believe it or not could be, if we all retraced our steps back to that state which is still pristine deep within us.

It’s fascinating that this sounds almost ridiculous to me and I am writing it, believe it and know that it is definitely true, far-fetched though it sounds. The very fact that what I am saying sounds as though it is bordering on the ridiculous, tells us how deep we are into chaos and madness. It is a fact that we have fallen from our beautiful pristine state, obviously not yesterday or the day before, but a very long time ago – Jason Liosatos.

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